<Message from Yoshiaki Manabe>

I would like to officially announce that my new signature guitar, the Sago Rutile, will be made available for purchase.
This guitar shares a motif with my 2012 solo album, Rutile, or rather, the two share the same motif of the ore rutile, which is renown as a kind of "power stone."
The purpose of this was to release the nascent power that the stone is said to possess unto the music itself; furthermore, attempting to imbue the music with this sensibility through the guitar became another reason that the two share this motif.
So, first of all the prototype Rutile guitar was constructed and made its debut during the recording of the album, and while further tweaking and improving the instrument to a further degree of completion, a new burgundy mist coating was applied, and the finished product will serve as the basis for what will ultimately be released by Sago New Material Guitars as the Sago Rutile model.
Indeed, the Rutile lives up to the goal of releasing that nascent power that the ore holds, and is an instrument that displays the potential for greatness.
I also think that the deeply beautiful color scheme of the burgundy mist coating will afford players of this model with this same kind of feeling as they pluck and strum away.
In addition to this, I would like to announce another guitar that will be debuting alongside the Sago Rutile: aimed at those who are encountering guitars for the first time, the Seed Rutile, the brand name Seed taking its meaning from that of the concept of planting potential, will be made available for novice guitarists. Detailed specifications for these two models can be found on Sago's homepage.

And with that, I hope that you will meet with and encounter these wonderful guitars!

Yoshiaki Manabe